Can I  screen shot or save images from website for social media sharing without purchasing downloads or license ?

No you may not. Please read more on a subject in Terms and Conditions ( see in menu ). All images on this site are protected by the copyright law. All rights reserved by Maria Lankina as the owner of copyright. 


Do I  need to create an account ?

No you do not. You can create a lightbox ( selection of images ) and place an order without an account.


Why would I want to create an account ?

An account offers more possibilities: as a logged-in client, you can easily save and manage multiple lightboxes, you do not need to re-enter address information upon purchase, can view past orders, etc... all the advanced client features are available to you. You can log into the website to access advanced client features, via the Client Access page.


How do I create an account ?

You can create an account via Client Access page. 

When you create a Client Account, you will receives an email and must click on a link to activate the account.

A new Client Account is also automatically created every time you as a visitor place an order, unless the email you are using already associated with existing account. 

You can always  log back on the website to access advanced client features, via the Client Access page.


Can you create an account for me ?

Yes. I will need your full name and email address you would like me to use, will then receive an email with the password and a link to activate your  account.


What is a lightbox 

Lightbox is helpful when you want to make a selection of images. All images you rate as 5 stars can be automatically added to a lightbox. Lightbox is also helpful to request a specific quote for specific usage if you cant find it via “buy license” or “buy download” option, or when you want to make an offer for a large selection of images etc. 


How do lightboxes work for anonymous not registered users ?

A new lightbox is created as soon as a you click for the first time on an Add to lightbox button. To be able to access the lightbox later on, you must save it to your account (i.e. create an account on your site if needed).

Once a lightbox is saved, it receives a unique URL and can be shared.


How do lightboxes work for registered users ?

If you registered an account within a website , you  can save and manage multiple lightboxes. From the lightbox page on your client’s access part of the website, you can switch easily between lightboxes you have created, and lightboxes that you (or other visitors) have shared with you by email.

When you are as a logged-in client share a lightbox, the recipient must log in to edit the lightbox (everyone with the link can view the lightbox).

When sharing a lightbox, you as a a logged-in client can choose to keep the lightbox "read-only". This way, the person with whom the lightbox is shared can view but not modify the lightbox.


What are ratings ?

Ratings are useful to help you as a client make your  selection of images, as there are shortcuts to add 5-star images to a lightbox, to download them, etc...


How to place an order ?

choose the images you want to order, select desired option “Buy License” and/  or “ Buy Downloads”, select desired options within, click add to cart and checkout. 



You will receive aan email with links to download the images. The images are resized to the purchased size. The images are sent in the same format they have been uploaded.

If the order contains many images, a zip archive download is offered.

A PDF copy of Terms and Conditions is also included with your final purchase order. 

Alternatively,  you can download the images via your website, from his secure area.

All Rights Reserved Maria Lankina 2018